5 Simple Tips To Identify Fake Rs.10 Coin And Differentiate It From The Real One


In India Rs. 10 fake coins are spreading rapidly. We all may have face the Fake Rs.10 Coin in our Daily life. Earlier there is a rumor saying that Rs 10 coins had been declared invalid by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and several shop owners and people shying away from accepting the coin these days.

Recently, a racket of fake 10 rupee coins was busted by the crime branch. The racketeers operated and circulated fake coins in Delhi and NCR. The fake coins are circulated in larger scale in the market. However, with these simple tips you can easily identify the fake ones and can differentiate them easily with a close observation.


Simple Tips To Identify Fake Rs. 10 Rupee Coins:

#1. Real Coins consist of 10 strips whereas Fake coin with 15 Strips.


#2. There are no Horizontal lines in real coins. Whereas Fake coins have 2 lines above and below Ashoka emblem.


#3. India & Bharat are written on both sides of the coins. Fake coins have those words written side by side.


#4.There is a “₹” symbol on the Silver portion of the coin. In fake coin you cannot find any symbol. 


#5. Number 10 is written on the lower portion of the coin. Whereas fake coins have 10 number in the middle.


Hope these tips will help you in identifying Real and fake Rs. 10 coins in daily life.

Recently, Delhi crime branch has recovered 800 coins of 10 rupees each, 10 dyes used for minting coins, two hydraulic machines, and raw materials. A total seizure of Rs 8,000 was made.


It was revealed that the accused were using dye and hydraulic machines to mint fake coins. The coin consisted of two pieces, an outer portion, and the central portion.

The central piece was nickel polished. After that, both the pieces were pressed using two different dyes on both sides of the coin, in a hydraulic machine.

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