5 Ways To Ignite Romance This Karwa Chauth


From being a festival of one-sided reverence to the male partner to becoming the celebration of love, Karwachauth has come a long way.  Be it fasting together or revisiting the wedding vows, the festival is often considered as India’s answer to Valentine’s Day. Hectic lifestyles often shoo away romance from our lives. Festivals like Karwa Chauth are ideal occasions to rekindle the love which may have gathered a little dust over the years. So this Karwa Chauth vows to wow your partner with a few unconventional ways and celebrates the fiesta of love in style.


Take a resolution for healthy living together:

Amid busy schedules, both of you may be missing out on the daily dose of nutrients. Why not follow certain life hacks rather than putting each other’s health at stake with an unhealthy lifestyle?  If you love consuming fruits and veggie juices and yet, are unable to get proper nutrients, then it’s better to shift to a cold pressed juicer. The cold pressed juicer from manufacturers like Kent will not only make for a yummy delight but also help you achieve good health.  The healthier you are, the happier are your relationships. So, if you are yet to decide on the gift for your partner this Karwa Chauth, give no second thoughts to the idea of bringing home a cold pressed juicer.

Your relationship is precious:

Submit yourself to the festive feel and gift each other some precious pieces that will bring a huge smile on the face. Trendy or traditional, with jewelry, the options are plenty and you can follow your heart.

Home is where the romance is:

Home is where you two get to discover each other every day.  So why not do something to make the place even better to live and love. The poor quality of air indoors may play a spoilsport to everyday fun, so it’s wise to bring home an air purifier. Why let even the smallest particulate matter come in between you two when all you want are some moments of respite and romance?

Walk hand in hand against setbacks of life:

Nothing can be more romantic than letting your partner feel secure. Usher insecurity in your lives by insuring yourself. Take a wise decision this Karwa Chauth and invest in an insurance policy. An insurance policy is an ideal way to show that you care for each other and are prudent to make investments for a better tomorrow.

Sometimes, all your relationship needs is a romantic outing:

If you have not gone for a romantic outing for long, then, this Karwa Chauth is the best time to do so. After all, this can be a good excuse for you to pamper your partner the way you used to do during your courtship period. Why not revisit your wedding venue? After all, it is an important landmark in your life.

With two of you together, every day is an addition to the romantic saga. Festivals like Karwa Chauth just give you an excuse to invest in your bond of love. So, why miss the opportunity of igniting more romance this Karwa Chauth? Pick any idea from above to celebrate Karwa Chauth like never before.

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