Love Harsh Working Conditions And Greasy Hands, Switch To Rugged Laptops


Gone are those days when field workers were dependent on desktops for seamless workflow management. Today, rugged laptops and tablets are loaded with heavy graphics and high configurations, withstanding unexpected tumbles, falls, and dips. Rugged laptops in India are gradually preferred by personnel working in extreme conditions, such as oil rigs, automobile testing, hardcore industrial processes, etc. Whether they are professionals who work in the oil and auto industry or police staff, everybody needs a reliable device that can facilitate smooth data management without being a hindrance to mobility. No wonder rugged laptops in India are a huge hit.


Top manufacturers like Panasonic offer rugged laptops in India – they introduced a fully rugged and lightweight series under Toughbook and Toughpad monikers for field applications where exposure to extreme environments is a constant challenge. Striking a great balance between high-end functionality and durability, Toughbook series features some of the ‘most talked about’ rugged laptops and tablets that can be taken to any location with excess grease, mud, and manure. Compact enough to fit in a bag or a pocket, these devices never compromise on performance. The rugged laptops in India are increasingly preferred by the industries operating in the toughest terrains.

The Unrivaled Rugged Mobile Business Tool:

Today’s fast-paced businesses rely on strong data management, and tough pads perform this vital task in the most extreme conditions. For instance with Panasonic Toughpad CF-20, now businesses can witness the data collection exercise substituting pen and paper with mobile technology. This means all work order management, distributed asset management or fleet logistics needs are met ‘on the go.’ In fact, tough-books like Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 detaches conveniently to become a world’s thinnest 10.1-inch rugged tablet, making the  tasks simpler.

It’s Rough & Tough:

Tough pads are not meant for the ordinary. No wonder they are made out of the most durable materials to withstand heat, dust, and storm. The recently launched model, CF-20 from Panasonic has defied preconceived notions of what rugged devices usually imply. Even if you do attempt one-handed operation for a long time and end up dropping it, the Toughbook will continue working as usual.  Toughbooks should meet certain standards of durability. Panasonic Toughbook, CF-20, for example, meets MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F military specifications, and IP65 water and dust resistance standards. It also comes with the ‘chemically hardened display glass’ withstanding heavy vibrations Its sunlight-readable display makes data entry and tracking easier in the field. All of that rugged usefulness comes with a simple price tag which is justified, especially when the device is going to get dusty, wet and may get dropped or dunked a lot in its lifespan.

It’s Easy:

These rugged mobile devices, make it possible to have the Internet, spreadsheets, high-definition cameras and GPS capability, all at the field staff’s fingertips, no matter where they are operating from. With a glove enabled touchscreen, now one can view high definition images or documentation and input detailed information in these tough-books. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and cellular data connectivity provide workers with the ability to connect very quickly.


Images Source: Panasonic Toughbook CF-20

With this new ground-breaking device, field engineers can keep the home office up to date. Health care professionals too can have immediate access to patient information whenever and wherever needed. While field salespersons can look for purchasing history and current inventory, retail executives can check stock quantities without running back and forth to a central location using these rugged machines. This is not all; police, emergency medical, or fire personnel can take notes and write reports in the field, without having to depend on memory.

It’s Advanced:

Toughbooks are well equipped with the latest technology. While choosing a Toughbook, it is advisable to opt for the efficient 6th Generation Intel Core vPro processor and a choice of Windows 10 Pro for smooth functioning. These rugged laptops often come with up to 20-hour hot swappable battery. This gives field workforce hours of continuous data access without letting them worry about losing power. A serial port, 1D/2D capable barcode reader, mag stripe reader, GPS, fingerprint readers, SmartCard readers and a 4G LTE carrier modem are a few other advanced features of these tough books.

And, Yes, It’s Foldable:

Convenience and comfort are perks that come with rugged laptops. For instance, Panasonic CF-20  features an optional detachable keyboard, offering a high-performance mobile computing solution. It allows users to detach the touchscreen to use it as a tablet. In fact, Panasonic CF-20 takes versatility to a new level with the addition of an optional detachable keyboard. The device can be flipped 180-degrees in ‘presentation mode.’ The detachable keyboard is suitable for any mobile application when inputting or updating real-time information.


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