Salim Khan Blasts Asaduddin Owaisi For Abusing Salman Khan – Check Out Tweets


Salman Khan is a controversy’s child as he always surrounded by some or the other controversy. Every time he does something wrong, his dad Salim Khan, always stands as a strong pillar behind him. Yes, this famous old script writer has always stood for son Salman during his thick and thin.


Yes, Salim Khan is one of the coolest daddies we have ever seen. Even Salman Khan admits that his dad is the most cool and calm person. In fact he always comes out in his defense, which is actually adorable.

Be it the controversies surrounding Salman or the social media debates, Salim Khan knows how to shut the mouth of his son’s haters. Whenever the Sultan actor commits something wrong, his father is the first one to apologize on his behalf. However, this doesn’t mean he would he would listen to anything against his son.

The 80-year-old recently took to Twitter to express his anger at Asaduddin Owaisi, the President of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), who had abused the ‘Sultan’ actor.


Well, the politician had abused Salman Khan couple of years back when he was in Ahmadabad and this didn’t go down well with Salim Khan. He said that Owaisi abuses Salman because he hates Modiji; have a look at the tweets he posted….

Here are the tweets where the veteran actor has shown his anger against Owaisi:

Flashback 2014!

Salim Khan recollected an incident in 2014 when Salman was invited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Ahmedabad for the kite flying festival. It was during this time that Owaisi had bad-mouthed Salman.

Abused Salman!

He also remembers that Owaisi got some of his followers together and said Iss Haram ke pille ki picture boycott karo.

Picture boycott karo!

The veteran actor also lashed out at him for the foul language that he used against Salman Khan when he met Modiji in Ahmedabad for kite flying celebration ahead of the release of his film Jai Ho.

Owaisi is upset with Modiji!

Well, this is not the first time Salim Khan has come to the rescue of Salman Khan. He has defended the actor on various controversies such as the rape comment, the ban on Pakistani artistes, Yakub Memon’s hanging and much more.

Guess, by now you know who is Salim Khan slamming with this Twitter rant. Your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll be back with more updates on this hot story right here.

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