Sanjay Manjrekar’s Attempt To Troll Sania Mirza On Twitter, Backfired


Indian Women’s Tennis Sensation Sania Mirza is over the moon after celebrating 80 weeks at the No.1 WTA ranking. Hence, Sania took to Twitter to share her celebrations with her fans. The tweet has gone live and people started congratulating for the success.

Here’s Sania’s Celebratory Tweet:

Do you accept that there are people who will make attempts to pull you down in the best of your times, for no reason whatsoever?

In the case of Sania Mirza, it’s true. Former Indian Cricketer turned Commentator Sanjay Manjrekar came out of his shell to say something about Sania’s celebratory tweet.

But Sania Mirza never goes back in such situations and did the same with Sanjay Manjrekar. She knew better than keeping quiet about it and fought back.

However, Manjrekar, who is behind the mic, humbly accepted his mistake and went on the back foot when Sania clarified to him the details with a WTA article.



Not many Indians get to enjoy a World No 1 ranking for so long in any sport across disciplines. So Sania is definitely special and one of India’s most dominant female athletes in the last couple of years.

Everyone knows that Sania quit playing singles a long time ago. She has been playing doubles since forever, after 8 long years of playing singles. Sania once again made Manjrekar gets that loud and clear.

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