This is What The Punishment For Vendors Who Sell Bottled Water & Cold Drinks Above MRP


We all have purchased bottled water and cold drinks from multiplexes, restaurants or airports more than maximum retail price (MRP). Most of us often go to theaters but hesitate to buy bottled water or cold drinks there, just because of the prices. It is a common case, in multiplexes or airports, these bottles are sold at 10 to 20 percent higher prices. Ever you argued about the same anytime?

Now, you need not worry as there is a new law against this practice. “Those selling bottled water and cold drinks at more than their maximum retail price, including at airports, restaurants, and multiplexes, could attract penalty and jail terms,” said consumer affairs minister Ram Vilas Paswan on event commemorating the 47th World Standards Day.


According to the Section 36 of Legal Metrology Act, anyone caught selling, distributing or delivering any pre-packaged commodity that does not conform to the declarations on the package shall be punished with fine up to Rs 25,000 for the first time. If it is done for the second time, it can increase to Rs 50,000 for and repeat the same can attract a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh or imprisonment for one year or both.


Though the law came into effect in the year 2009, there is little awareness about the provisions of this law to protect consumers from charging more than MRP or difference between the exact content of a packaged commodity and what is mentioned on the wrapper.

The Delhi High Court (DHC) in 2007, had stated that the restaurants and hotels can’t sell bottled water above the MRP to the customers. In Feb 2015 country’s apex consumer commission, NCDRC, imposed a Rs 5 lakh fine on a multiplex who was selling water above the mentioned MRP.


The Consumer affairs ministry officials said that you can easily lodge complaints on their online mediums, people should register their grievances. “We have been pursuing people to demand receipt of whatever they buy so that it can be a proof to file a compliant,hope,” said an official.

This is really a good move by the government hopes it will bring in a lot of difference.

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