Watch: Posani Clarifies About Fight With V Hanumantha Rao


Posani Krishna Murali – The man on fire is in midst of controversies nowadays. Latest controversy about a fight with V Hanumantha Rao in a live debate gone viral in social media. Posani and senior Congress member VH Hanumantha Rao involved in a nasty verbal altercation. He even fired on Salman Khan about supporting Pakistani actors.

In a recent interview gave a clarity about the fight with V Hhanumantha Rao. He gave an explanation why he fired on VH Rao and doesn’t take his words for granted. Posani who is professionally a writer always respects his self-respect.

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He said: “I respect V Hanumantha Rao because of his seniority and he served people for more than 18 years. Regarding this fight when I am speaking about PM Narendra Modi VHR couldn’t tolerate and slipped his tongue on me. I haven’t uttered a word about congress and V Hanumantha Rao. He disrupted me with his comments. I am the one who gives utmost importance to my character and self-respect.”

“Being in opposition he cannot praise Modi. Keeping politics aside I personally like Modi because of his honesty and leadership” added Posani in this interview.

Posani is now working in cChiru’s prestigious project Khaidi No 150. In a video bite, Posani praised the character of VV Vinayak director of Chiru 150th film Khaidi No. 150. He shared some of his experiences working with VV Vinayak.

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